May Prepping Report

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After a long winter, I’m finally able to start getting some new produce into the house and into the pantry.  That’s so exciting!

I also have to prepare other supplies we might need for the summer, since I struggle to find time to stop and do those things once the garden starts.

I think I have all the clothing prepared up until next fall, except for one costume that still needs to be done.

I do not count what we consumed in May, I only list what is put up.  Here’s what we were able to prepare in May:

Year round prepping on Grace Garden And Homestead.  Here's some of the prepping we were able to get done as the snow started melting.

Into The Freezer:

  • 6 Pounds of strawberries
    • The strawberries were a gift to me.  We used quite a lot for breakfasts, snacks, and developing a recipe for strawberry oat bars.  I knew we’d want to keep them for future use, so I froze most of them.
  • Freezer biscuits
    • I think anyone who is starved for time to get dinner on the table or just has a hard time with dinners in general needs a good freezer biscuit recipe.  Any homesteader can appreciate pulling out a bottle of vegetables (or two), and some ready to cook freezer biscuits, and knowing that half of dinner is nearly done.  I never really “plan” to use these, but they certainly don’t get wasted.
  • 3 Loaves of sandwich bread
    • June is a very busy month here.  And, it gets warmer.  It’s been getting into the 60’s here in May, and I assume we’ll see 80’s soon.  I don’t have the time to be baking bread, nor do I want to light a fire to cook it in the summer months.
    • I wish I’d made more, since this is the equivalent of only three days worth of sandwiches.
  • Chicken alfredo freezer mealYear round prepping on Grace Garden And Homestead.  Here's some of the prepping we were able to get done as the snow started melting.
    • With all the beautiful broccoli we were gifted, I already knew what I wanted to do with it!  When making dinner, I try every so often to make one meal for that night at the same time I am preparing one meal for the freezer.  One day this summer, we’ll be able to pull this out and stick it in a dutch oven for a minimal prep dinner.
  • Pork-barley-vegetable soup
    • I made a huge pot one night.  We ate part of it and froze the rest for a future meal.

Supplies Into The Pantry:

  • 2 Batches of dishwasher tablets (about 80 tablets)
    • We technically live in the dessert, (which means little to no rain–or clouds–in the summer) so I can count on having enough solar to run my dishwasher all summer.  I’m not sure I really hand wash much other than the cast iron or cast aluminum all summer.  These are a life saver, and I won’t have time to make them.


Edibles For The Pantry:Year round prepping on Grace Garden And Homestead. Here's some of the prepping we were able to get done as the snow started melting.

  • 11 Bottles of rhubarb juice
    • While we made a ton of rhubarb juice thus far, we have already consumed most of it.  I doubt I’ll have time to make much in June, but lucky for me if I take good care of the rhubarb around here, I can harvest it in July and sometimes August.
  • 7 Jars of rhubarb jam
    • I would have made more, but I didn’t realize that I only had one box of Sure-jell left (this is, by the way, the best deal I have ever found on Sure-jell–let me know if you know a better price).  So, I have ordered another case and am awaiting the delivery.  I hope to have time to make more since we are down to only four bottles of other jelly in the pantry.
  • 6 Pints of pickled asparagus
    • Asparagus only last for two weeks around here.  We ate most of the asparagus fresh and raw.  It goes with every lunch.  We also made bacon wrapped asparagus twice.
    • We would normally have more to consume, but there was suddenly an increase in other people foraging in our patches this year.  At least I know they had quality asparagus 🙂 .



  • Toothbrushes, OTC pain killers, gummy vitamins
    • Thanks to a generous Friend, three more toothbrushes were added to each person’s stockpile.  Thank you Friend.  She also gifted us a ton of OTC pain killers, and some gummy vitamins for the kids.
  • Antibiotics, eye drops, ointments
    • We actually added an entire box of pharmaceuticals to this section of our pantry thanks to finding great mark-downs.  I didn’t count what went in there, sorry.  It included personal hygiene supplies such as eye drops, and first aid ointment.  Also, we added some antibiotics we obtained from a vet’s office that was going out of business (I don’t suggest doing this if you don’t have a thorough understanding of these, whereas I am a health care provider, I am very comfortable doing so).



  • 2 entire sizes of girl’s clothing
    • We have a friend moving to Juneau, and she didn’t want to pack all her girls’ clothes with them.  Lucky for us, her three girls are about 2 years older than our oldest girl.  The clothes are in really great condition, and now I won’t have to purchase/make a good part of the next two years of clothing for our oldest daughter.  What a huge blessing!
  • Costumes
    • I try to have at least one costume that will fit each child (we reuse so many of these!) at all times.  I was able to make a fox costume for one of the younger ones this month.
  • Underwear
    • Everyone has at least 10 extra pairs waiting


Not everything on the list went into the pantry of course, but everything on the list is put up for future use.

The statistic I saw yesterday was that should Americans loose power for an extended amount of time and find themselves unable to purchase food and supplies, less than 25% of them would be prepared for the next week.  One week.

How prepared are you?  Were you able to get any prep work done in May?



  1. Love learning!

  2. WOW, OK so now that I’m completely inspired to start putting stuff up every month. Thank you.
    What did I put up last month… well not much. But this month will be showing much more progress.
    Thanks for sharing and the inspiration.

    • It was a slow month for putting up food for us Ricki, but we added a lot to the pharmaceuticals (especially for the animals). If you start putting stuff up every month, let me know so you can inspire me 🙂 .

  3. Fantastic! You have motivated me again. I have used up most of our prepping stock as we moved to a smaller house and I am having problems working out a new storage system with not much space. But reading that scary statistic again (and I have seen it said to be as little as three days as well!) has motivated me to make room somewhere. It is just so important.

    • Moving is the perfect time to use up all those food items that have been hanging out, and I commend you for that!
      Adjusting to a smaller house can be tricky when it comes to the issue of storage. It’s not pretty, but saving those cardboard boxes to store and stack things in under beds, in closets, can be a life saver later on down the road.
      Good luck!

  4. I agree with the previous comments- a very inspiring post! We have just moved house in the last few months, so we are basically building up our stores from zero. Our garden is also a lot more boggy than we thought, so growing our food will not be full-on this year, while we sort it out. Thank you for the encouragement!

    • Oh! I feel so bad when people have to move during their gardening or hunting season. I hope you are able to adjust with grace in your new living space–and enjoy the excitement of starting over 🙂 .

  5. What a great way to organize being prepared. Your list of what you have put up was inspiring. I use to pay quite a bit more attention to my supplies but have let it slide this past year, now I think I will make a list and get to busy. Looking forward to reading your future posts. 🙂

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