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I’ll be busy moving our publishings here in the next few months.  Each and every publishing is designed to help you not only survive, but thrive in your desire to live a self-sufficient life.  Proceeds from the following products help us to keep the site up and help care for our family.

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Kid’s 1st Homestead Recipes

Knives. Wood stoves. Open fires. Don't be intimidated by your homestead kitchen. Use these tips to teach your kids to cook YOUR family recipes. You can do this. Kid’s 1st Homestead Recipes is your guide to teaching your kids from a young age how to get in your kitchen and learn their ways around all the potential dangers.  Kids that cook healthy foods from a young age grow up to eat healthy foods.

  • Get your kids involved from a young age
  • Help them learn skills
  • Get them excited to eat healthy foods

This guide is specific to foods found on the homestead and found on a self-sufficient menu.

Take a closer look at what’s inside and get your Kid’s 1st Homestead Recipes guide now for $6.99


Raising Young Children On The Homestead

Must have resource for off grid and aspiring off grid new mothers to help get stay rooted and thrive with little ones in an off grid and homestead environment.

Living off grid isn’t for the faint of heart–some people never get past the fantasy stage. What stops them?  Resources and the confidence that proper knowledge provides. Among those resources is information specific to raising small kids in an off grid setting in modern times.

Raising Young Children On The Homestead is your modern guide from pregnancy to toddlerhood (with a look at what’s next) specific to off grid and homestead living.  In here, you will read:

  • What’s needed at each stage
  • How to make what you’ll need for each stage
  • How to get must-do homestead chores done at each stage, including: managing a large garden that will feed your family and getting through the harvest.
  • Specific parenting issues like potty-training with an outhouse
  • Deborah’s specific sleep-training program to get your kids sleeping through the night early so you can be rested to keep-on keeping-on with your homestead chores.

Get your copy of Raising Young Children On The Homestead now for $19.95, and be sure to register it once you open it up.



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