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If you’ve been with us long, then you know we live in a homesteaded community, and that the barter system serves us well.  “Never throw away good junk” is our motto.  Sure, you want to store it somewhere where it isn’t going to be tacky or in-the-way; but you don’t get rid of it.

Last month, we scored this lovely stock rack.  Back in the old days, people used to put these on the backs of their trucks and haul horses around that way.  I’m sure in some places, people still do–but not here.  These haven’t been used to haul horses for quite some time (although you do occasionally see sheep in them).

The Farmer saw it at a friend’s house and asked about it.  The gentleman didn’t want it anymore, but he needed some mechanic work done on his compost spreader.  That was all the Farmer needed to hear and negotiations were soon set.

He flexed some muscle and got it loaded onto the back of our truck.  What did we do with it since we have no intention of hauling horses with it?  I’m glad you asked.

As soon as the harvest is in (and before if we can work it into our schedule), we start getting firewood for the upcoming winter.  Once there is any rain or snow (generally September), the mud in the mountains makes it too hard to haul a trailer in and out of our wood collecting areas.  So we are left just getting a truck-bed full of wood at a time.

As you can imagine, it takes many trips (equating to many days) to get all the wood we will need.

We needed a way to get more wood in each trip without a trailer.

Our solution?  This stock rack only needed a few restorative touches, and overnight we were able to haul three times as much wood as we normally could.

See how we bartered for an old stock rack that wasn't being used and cleaned it up to be our new wood rack.

This man’s junk became our treasure.



  1. Yay for bartering.

  2. Brilliant! I love me some repurposing posts! So glad y’all were able to strike a deal.

  3. It’s amazing what a little elbow grease can get you! Nicely done, Farmer!

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