It’s time once again to plan our gardens for the upcoming season.  Have you got everything planned out?  Have you got your seeds ordered, mapped out your garden plot, and written your plans in your garden journal?


Then perhaps this year you’ll try something new–like a white themed garden. Did you know many of the most delicious  fruits and vegetables out there come in a white variety?

This year, we have made plans to have a white vegetable container garden that one of my daughters will oversee.  She’s growing a couple of each variety, and we are actually all quite excited to see how she does.  Perhaps you will try one of more of these this year:

Must-have white fruits and vegetables to grow in your garden this year--how fun are these? Grace Garden And Homestead

White Annuals

Annuals are plants that go through their entire life cycle in one growing season. (For more information read here.)

Typical white annual crops you might think to grow include beans, corn, eggplant, and pumpkin.

For something different this year, try growing white cucumbers and white winter and summer squash.

White Biennials

Biennials are plants that require two growing seasons to go from seed to bloom. Many of these are grown as annuals.

Typical white biennial crops that come to mind include cauliflower, leeks, onions and turnips.  To step outside the box this year, try growing white carrots, kohlrabi, and radishes.

White Perennials

Perennials are plants that survive winter (outside in the elements) and are able to produce new growth (including flowers) each summer.  (For more information read here.)

The most popular white perennial is garlic.

A wide variety of unusual white perennials to consider growing this year include asparagus, pineberries (white strawberries that taste of pineapple), bell peppers, and tomatoes.

Get Started Quickly And Easily

Some of these white vegetables are really hard to find.  Here are the five that we ordered to go along with the white kohlrabi and carrot seeds we’ve already got on hand:

Must-have white fruits and vegetables to grow in your garden this year--how fun are these? Grace Garden And Homestead

Right now, and until March 6, use code WHITEVEG to get 10% off your order of any heirloom seed of a white crop listed above when you use any of the above links.


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What white crops are you growing this year?