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Each year men everywhere wonder what to get for their wives as gifts.  Be it their birthday or Valentines Day, many men get flustered at the idea of trying to find the perfect gift for their wife.

While chocolate and flowers are the standard, the farmer’s wife may be a bit more picky–and thus easier to shop for, really.

Here are some ideas to help you farmers out there find the perfect gift for your wife this year.

Women Like Flowers

It’s true.  Most of us like flowers.  But when you’ve got a large flower garden, sometimes it’s disheartening to receive a vase of flowers that shrivel up in a week.

Does this mean you shouldn’t get your wife flowers?  Not exactly.

Instead of giving your wife flowers in a vase that will soon fade away, consider giving her a living plant.  Miniature potted roses, or a pot of bulb flowers that can be transplanted directly into her garden in a week or two are perfect gifts.

Dear Farmers: 7 perfect gifts for the FarmHER in your life (Valentines Day is coming).

Chocolates Are A Loving Gesture

The other gold standard is the heart shaped box of chocolates.  But for your wife–the one who makes sure your family is always eating good, clean, organically raised and grown foods–she deserves some special attention when you order her chocolates.

If you decide to go this route, make sure you’re going the extra mile and finding organic chocolates for her–let her know you appreciate the hard work she does to feed your family, by giving her only the best foods to put into her body.

Having a hard time finding just the right organic chocolate set?  This one is cute, creative, and will ship right to your home.

Fun Aprons That Look Good On Her

Most farmers won’t be too surprised to hear that women love aprons–but if you’re going to get her one, make sure it’s special.  Don’t just pick one up at the store.

Find something with ruffles, a vintage theme, or one that’s sassy and fun.  Flirty Aprons has long been a favorite line for many women, and you can see why–these aprons are sassy and designed to look good on women.  As a bonus, use code NEWYOU by January 31 to get 25% off your order.

Not Just Any Jewelry

While we all know women like jewelry, it’s hard to know exactly what a woman would want.  If you’re looking for gifts for the farmer’s wife, you should ask yourself, Does my wife like essential oils?  Does my wife like aromatherapy?  Most FarmHERs like at least one of these.

That makes your jewelry selections even easier.  These aromatherapy jewelry pieces are available both pre-scented, as well as plain so that women can add their own essential oils to them.  Pick a pretty sphere, choose a scent if you’d like, and then pick a charm and chain/bracelet.  It’s that easy.  Use code LOVE25 through February 14, to get a FREE heart and lock charm plus 25% off your order.

Romantic Linens

Most men would probably never think about getting the linens for the bed.  If you do decide to be brave, remember that your farm wife chooses only the best materials when she shops for her family, so make sure you are doing the same. Pick a higher thread count, and go for soft organics if you possibly can.

Something For Her Garden

Now, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here.  Just any ol’ thing for her garden isn’t necessarily a good Valentines or birthday gift.  I’m talking about something special, and high-quality.

Here are some bulbs that are guaranteed to bloom–so she won’t be upset if her special gift doesn’t do well–and trust me, she would be upset if that happened.

Is your wife super conscientious about the amount she spends on seeds each year? Relieve her worries by ordering her some high quality heirloom seeds at a decent price (this is where I get mine).  You will boost her confidence and give her joy when she plants high quality seeds that will produce high quality crops later to feed her family–and she’ll never have to look at, or worry about the price tag.

If you do seeds & bulbs, be sure to put them in a nice basket, or steel milking bucket with straw.  I think that would be cute.  Maybe a bow–pink or red if it’s Valentines Day, or her favorite color if it’s her birthday.

Want to get her something bigger?  The best tools in my garden are Hoss tools.   If you have ever been afraid that your lady couldn’t handle something like this, let me reassure you that even at only 5’3″, I can easily handle my double wheel hoe and any attachment I put on it.  I have had a lot of tools over the years, and these are not only the finest, but also the easiest to use (to see my review, read this). One of these with a bow on it would be a dream gift for any FarmHER.

Dear Farmers: 7 perfect gifts for the FarmHER in your life (Valentines Day is coming).

A Little Something To Make Her Feel Pampered

You know she’s beautiful.  I know she’s beautiful.  But let me tell you…women don’t always think that way.  But a woman who uses natural beauty products feels pampered and beautiful.

Renee at MadeOn (because every product has the “made on” date written on it) sells not only all natural, freshly made beauty products, but she’ll also sell you the actual ingredients she uses and the recipes to go with it.  If your FarmHER wishes to make her own, or just be pampered, there’s something here for her guaranteed.  And before you head to the check-out, always make sure you go to the “Bulk/Gift” tab, and click on “Freebie list.”  You never know what else you’ll get.

I like to make my own products personally, but I never pass up a good coupon from MadeOn when I come across it.  I can’t recommend her products enough.

Dear Farmers: 7 perfect gifts for the FarmHER in your life (Valentines Day is coming).

Wrap Your Gift With Love

While gifts are a welcomed sign of affection to any hard-working FarmHER, be sure to wrap it with love while keeping it farm-real.  Find some useful fabric or a bucket to wrap it in.

Buckets she can use for milking or baskets she can use for produce can top the look off.  Want to wrap it up?  Go for burlap or a printed fabric (think hearts) that she can use later.  I’d say using  a 2 yard piece gives her plenty of options for when she’s done unwrapping your heart-felt gift.


Good luck farmers.

Let me know how it goes, or if there are any questions I can answer for you.