Here are some of the ways Grace Garden And Homestead may be compensated for content.

  • Affiliate Programs –
    • Grace Garden And Homestead is a member of affiliate programs.  This means that if you purchase an item from a link I provide, I might receive a commission.  Most of these items are thing I use, and recommend.
    • I would never link to a product that I didn’t think would enrich your life.
  • Reviews – Occasionally I participate in product reviews.  I will use the product before a review, and I will be honest with my review.  I receive free product in exchange for my honest review.  I also receive a monetary payment for my honest review.  All reviews are clearly labeled as such.
  • Giveaways – Companies might send me free products to give away or they may send it directly to you.  I get more freebies to pass along to you by having people follow this site, subscribe to emails, and follow me on Pinterest , Facebook and/or Google+.
  • Sponsored Posts – A post may be sponsored.  If it is, it will clearly state that it is.  Sponsors do not tell me what to write.  All opinions are my own and honest.  I will never write a positive post to try to fool any of you simply for compensation.


I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.


Any compensation I receive from this website is used to keep me home with my children on our homestead.  I am grateful for any assistance I get from you, and value each and every one of you even if you never click on a link.  The primary reason for this site is to share with you about our life as farmers and as homesteaders, as well as for you all to share with me and make me stronger in return.

I am not an expert in anything.  I’m not an expert gardener, homestead owner, food preserver, seamstress, or anything else here pertaining to the content.  I share with you my experiences, and very often the sources I use for research on a subject at the bottom of articles.  I would highly encourage you all to keep researching and keep learning, just as I am.  All information found on this site is for informational use only, and not intended to diagnose or treat anything.

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