Berkey Light Water Filtration System And Earth Filters Review

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We recently had the very exciting privilege to review the Berkey Light water filtration system with the new Earth filters.  I can’t tell you just how much our family loves the Berkey filters, so as you can imagine, this was a huge treat for us.

If you’ve been looking at the Berkey filtration systems (and what homesteader doesn’t drool over them?) then this will hopefully give you the insight you need to move toward a decision.

Before I give you all the details of the good and the bad, let me tell you about the water filter we were using before, and why it was purchased.

Overview Of The Big Berkey With Black Filters

Berkey Light with Earth Filters (water filtration system) review; plus a comparison to the Big Berkey.The Big Berkey (the silver one in the picture) is very easy to set up in addition to being attractive.  In many of the pictures you see around the internet of Berkeys, you’ll see a lot of these.  It is basically three pieces with two filters that go on the inside.  The bottom piece holds the filtered water, and the top piece easily fits into the lower one and holds the two black filters.  A lid fits on the top.

The lid is removed and water is poured into the top.  It filters through the two black filters, and is gravity fed to the bottom holding compartment until you are ready for your water.

The Big Berkey was bought for it’s ease of use.  Pour water in the top and you’re done.  The Black Filters are able to filter out hard water, and even some viruses. Should your water source become contaminated, you would still have safe water, and it holds 2 gallons at a time.

The bad part was that you had to put it on the edge of the counter (where the baby can easily pour water on the floor), or put it up on something.  You can see from this picture we built a little custom stand for this one out of 2″ x 2″ pine.

The surprise we had was how good the water tasted.  I didn’t think it was possible for our water to taste better, even though I’d heard so many people say this about Berkey filter systems before.  All our house water is from a private well that grandpa dug when he built this house.  It’s good, and we never worry there is anything in it.  We thought we drank a lot of water before, but since we got the Berkey filter system, every person in our house has easily doubled their water consumption.

The downside of the Big Berkey is that there is no gauge to see how much water is in the system.  You need to lift the top off to see if the top is full or empty, and take it apart to see how much filtered water is in the bottom.  I’m pretty short, and when that big thing is up there on something I have to get a chair to see in it.

Review Of The Berkey Light With Earth Filters

Berkey Light with Earth Filters (water filtration system) review; plus a comparison to the Big Berkey.The Berkey Light holds 2.75 gallons of filtered water.  The Earth filters are formulated from natural diatomaceous earth and granulated activated charcoal and outperform natural ceramic.  They have the same performance as the Berkey BB9 Black Filters, and are ideal for well water.  “These filters reduce chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, VOC’s, THM’s, heavy metals and more to 99.9%” (quoted from

The water system is made of four parts.  The bottom is a base, the middle chamber holds the filtered water, the top chamber holds up to four filters (two come with the system), and the lid is a blue cap.

You can purchase solar powered LED lights for the base if you’d like it to glow at night–and we’re actually considering this option currently.

We’re also considering purchasing two additional filters for a total of four. You’ve got to expect with a filter this strong, that filtering takes time.  With a total of four filters, we could cut the filtering time in half.  With the large family we have, I think this is an investment we’ll be making before summer.

I also like how you can see a water line from the outside.  I know exactly how much water has been and hasn’t been filtered–which is good because we put water in it constantly.

Since this water system has a base, we haven’t needed to make a custom one for it.

The taste of the water is equally as amazing as with the Big Berkey filtration system.

Would I Recommend The Berkey Light Water Filtration System?

Yes, I would absolutely recommend that anyone have a Berkey water filtration system.  I know that my children are all drinking pure clean water every time they walk by the system and fill their cup.  I also use this water each time I make goat’s milk soap at home since distilled water is a necessary ingredient (so that no metals are present to react with the lye).

I have a friend who tells me that she uses her filtered water to make their coffee each day, and she no longer has hard water stains on her coffee pot as well.

Who Should Get A Berkey Filtration System?

Obviously anyone worried about the quality of their water should have one of these systems.  Simply put, Berkey systems are a cut above the rest.  They have the ability to filter out harmful pathogens, bacteria, and viruses, as well as hard water.  Berkey systems are so precise that they even come with instructions on how to do a red food dye test.  You add red dye to the water, and it completely filters out.  I can vouch that it works.  What other filtration system that you know of can do that?

Travel systems (next on our list) are available for the hiker, backpacker, or wilderness enthusiast.  I would love to have had a travel system when I was making my medical mission trips to various third world countries.  I cannot tell you the heartache I felt at the water availability in those areas.

Are you working to get off the grid?  If you haven’t secured a clean water source yet (and even if you have), a water system should be one of the first things on your list.

If you have ever made it a goal to drink more water, then a Berkey filtration system is also for you.  The water that comes out of these systems is amazing–even good clean water that you didn’t think could get any better.  Like I mentioned before, we thought we drank a lot of water as a family.  In fact, I didn’t think it was really possible to drink more water than we did–but I was wrong. The quality of this water is so amazing. All of us drink more now without even meaning too.  Another side effect of that–I drink far less coffee now than I did before we started using a Berkey water filtration system.

I wasn’t trying to quit drinking coffee, but with the water filtration system right next to the coffee pot, I found myself grabbing the water in the mornings instead of starting a pot.

Anyone on municipal water (on a shared system, like city water) should also have a quality water filtration system.  Whenever contamination of a public water system happens it is often only after the public has ingested the water that the problem is found and brought to light.  A water filtration system is your family’s prevention and protection.

Lastly, anyone who is worried that their water source may become contaminated needs a system.  Should someone purposefully tamper with your family’s water, you would most likely not know until you had already ingested it.  If you are truly worried about this, your family needs a filtration system (and you need to use it for all your water ingestion needs).

Berkey Light with Earth Filters (water filtration system) review; plus a comparison to the Big Berkey.

Do you have a Berkey water filtration system?  What’s your favorite part?



  1. We bought a Berkey because we have very hard water in our area. So far we love it.

  2. We love our Berkey. I love not having to replace the filters every 3-4 weeks like we did with our pitcher filters. And the water tastes so much better, too.

  3. Have used a Berkey for about 12 years and love it! I live in a small farming community and my household water comes from a well. With a Berkey water filtration system, I no longer worry about the agricultural chemicals that may have leeched from fields into the aquifer that charges my well.

  4. Oh, we would love this! We have extremely hard water and it’s a constant battle! Stains on everything, and the Keurig clogging. We buy bottled water (I know, awful) and I would love to cut that out of the budget!

  5. I know this is an old post but hopefully you can answer my question. We have the Berkey Light and have used the black filters for awhile but recently (like 2 days ago) switched to the DE filters. I did everything that they said to do before filtering and it’s been almost 3 days and I will fill it up the night before and it will only have filtered 1/4 of the way after going all night. Is this normal? Will it speed up with use? Cause with the 4 of us it never has enough water filtered through it. I looked at the company for answers but didn’t find any on this.
    THanks for your help,

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