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Knife Safety For Children On The Homestead

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Kids will be kids.  Their little brains are always taking in vast amounts of information faster than they can process, and their curiosity leads to faster experimentation than can be safe at times.

When children get a chance to be around a knife, not all parents are comfortable that their child will make good decisions and handle it with the knowledge and skills to keep them (and anyone else around) safe.  It’s always been a new sense of nervousness each and every time we teach one of our children about knife safety.

Some parents choose to wait a really long time before letting their child handle a knife–even waiting until a home economics/cooking class is taken in junior high or high school.

Some parents simply tell their child “be careful, you could hurt yourself” and let their kids figure it out with dull, relatively harmless blade. Continue reading

Homestead Playland: The Country Kids’ Jungle Gym

Because of the length of time we spend in our garden during the growing season, we have to make sure our children (some of them very small) are well occupied while we work in the garden.

We do this with what our family lovingly calls “Playland.”  It’s attached to the garden, inside the deer fence.  Our Playland has to offer enough to keep the kids occupied for a couple of hours most days of the week.

This year, we decided it was time to update Playland.  Nearly all supplies used to build the new jungle gym were supplies found elsewhere on the homestead.

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Perfect Gifts For Homestead Mothers

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We’ve all done it…waited until the last minute to get something for our mothers (or our wives if you’re a gent).  Sometimes we forget, and sometimes we just loose track of time.

Whatever our reason, there need not be a sense of panic–I’ve got you covered.

Here are 6 last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas that homestead mothers would love to help you out.  (You’re welcome)

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Handwritten Letters: Keeping The Tradition Alive

The practice of hand writing letters and sending via “snail mail” has evolved greatly in the last thirty years.

Before the internet, a plethora of letters flowed in and out of many family homes.

I remember Sunday was always my Aunt’s “correspondence day.”  Each Sunday afternoon, she pulled out her stationary and address book.

Then she got her special pen and begin to write.  Some letters were short.  Some letters were long.

Every Sunday.  One hour of nothing but writing.

It was a time of remembering all the good things of the week and sharing blessings with every long-distance family member or friend who had an address, and asking for prayers for the upcoming week.

Sharing blessings.  Asking for prayers.

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Planning Family Survival Backpacks

Survival packs are essential for any avid outdoorsman (or woman).  Anyone who spends a large amount of time in the great outdoors needs to take one with them.

Your pack serves to carry everything you would need, not only for that day’s adventures, but also as a back-up should you find yourself in a dire situation.

What you pack depends on where you’re going, how long you’re going to be gone, your level of skill and expertise, as well as the weather and wildlife.

But what happens when you need to pack a bag for a family outing?  How do you change your strategy?

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Potty Training With An Outhouse: What I Wasn’t Prepared For

Potty training with an outhouse is something I never considered having to do–but life threw some curve balls at me, and wouldn’t you know, I’ve now successfully potty-trained a handful of children.

I found that for the most part, it really wasn’t that different than doing it with indoor plumbing.  I was able to adjust to the few differences, and the kids never skipped a beat.

But there were definitely some things I wasn’t prepared for.  If you’ve ever done this, then you can probably relate.

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Reinforcing Toddler Underwear

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Do what?  You may be asking yourself.  No, you read that correctly–reinforcing toddler underwear.

Why?  You know…because accidents happen for awhile after they are potty trained.

We don’t buy diapers because we use cloth.  I also make cloth training pants, and then for their first set of underwear, I reinforce those too.

These won’t hold everything when a full-on accident happens.  But they catch the “almost made it.”  And that’s what I want for all my kids so they don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed.

Here’s how I did it.

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