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Every country mother has a collection of aprons.  Let me reassure you, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t welcome another one.  Most of us could window shop for aprons endlessly.

If that sounds familiar, then let me help you out.  Here are 8 of the classiest aprons I can find—most of which have free patterns or instructions.

Whether you are looking for an apron for yourself or for your mother, you are sure to be inspired by one of these.

Vintage Pleated Apron

Pleated Vintage ApronI love all things vintage and this apron is no exception. It kind of has that 50’s kitchen vibe, don’t you think?

I especially like her use of colors and fabrics.  My favorite pieces are those that use different fabrics from a centralized color palette.  Here, she’s used four different fabrics.  One could easily go through fabric scraps and find some complimenting pieces to pull this one together.

Although I wouldn’t normally think of red and this shade of blue together, she’s done a beautiful job and it turned out super cute.

Worth mentioning is that when I printed off these pages, two of them did not print the darts.  If you print this out, make sure to look at the PDF and trace your pleats and dotted lines before logging off the page.

Pioneer’s Apron

Elizabeth offers this PDF instructional to those wanting an apron just like the pioneers had.  If you’ve ever wanted one of those long, waist-down aprons to go over your pioneer skirt or dress, be sure to study this instructional.

When you print this, please read the copyright statement carefully.  This instructional is for informational and educational purposes only—you may not use it to make and then sell this apron.

Spice It Up Apron

Lovely apron. The three page download isn’t a pattern that you can print out and then pin on your fabric to cut out, but rather an instructional full of diagrams and measurements.  You’ll need to use your creative juices a bit to make this.

If you are a bustier lady, then this top may be exactly what you need, although I think it’d be cute either way.

My favorite part is that large ruffle & pleat on the bottom.  I’m actually making this one myself for a special mother in my life this Mother’s Day.

Mommy & Me Apron

If you sew, love aprons, and have a daughter, then Mommy & Me apron sets are probably a natural fit in your life.  I have a few patterns for me and my girls, but just fell in love with a new pattern.  How cute are these?

Not only are these matching aprons just darling, but they are also a good sewing projects for young ladies just learning to sew.  They make for the perfect Mother’s Day (or Mother’s Birthday) project for the young seamstress to show her mother how much she loves her.

The Judith Apron

What an adorable apron--I need to make this for Mother's Day! Ever wish you could just look at an apron and have someone make a pattern for it?  Beatrice did that for her friend Judith with this cute little apron.  From this picture for inspiration, she was able to draft a pattern to make her own apron, and she shows readers how they can make it too.

If you like hearts and lace, this one is right up your alley.  I like the little pocket on the side, and I think it would be cute using the contrasting color as well.

Don’t you think it’s almost too cute to cook in?

Monogrammed Apron

If you’re too busy or just out of time to make an apron for a gift, then personalizing one you’ve purchased is a good choice too.  My favorite place for apron inspiration is an online store named Flirty Aprons.

After you find the apron you want, you can hand monogram your letters , or use a machine on it for a personalized touch.  Any embroidery machine will do, but my current favorite is the Brother SE1800.  (See my review here.)  I think initials, or “Mom” would be cute centered along the top or at the very bottom of most aprons.

Custom Egg Gathering Apron

Egg gathering apronWe all love cute kitchen aprons, but we also see the need for the apron that goes outdoors.  This egg gathering apron is just that—and it holds an even dozen.  How’s this for a useful gift?

The girl in this picture looks pretty tiny, so I bet the rest of us could probably fit more pouches on there and collect more eggs.  Hmm…now I’m wondering about three rows…Too much?

Vintage Pillowcase Apron

Vintage Pillowcase Apron, and free instructional. Again, I love all things vintage.  This apron made with a mother’s hand embroidered pillowcases is absolutely beautiful.

I always find way too many cute pillowcases that will never get used for such, and this is one more way to re-purpose them.

If you have an old stack of beautiful pillowcases that you know you’ll never use as pillowcases, then this apron just might be what you need to make.

It takes an hour or less to finish and would make an adorable gift for mom (or even grandma).


Round up of timeless and helpful aprons for the country mother.

Have you ever personalized an apron for a special mother in your life?



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