Giveaway: Raising Young Children On The Homestead

It’s almost here Friends.  In just two weeks, my newest book, Raising Young Children On The Homestead:  A Young Mother’s Guide will launch–and you get to be the first to know.  Not only that, but you get to be the first to win it.

Before I moved to the homestead, I had the blessed privilege to serve in medical missions in third-world countries.  I got to stay in the villages with the locals–mud and straw huts.  I learned that it’s possible to raise children completely off-grid with surprisingly little–and they grew up happy.

You can imagine then, in our first-world homestead, I knew full-well it would be possible to raise my kids here.

That’s not to say that I didn’t worry about things like potty-training, keeping little ones out from underfoot of the herd animals, and keeping them away from dangers not present in a town setting.  I did.

It’s also not to say that when I had my first babe I didn’t wonder how or when I would be able to grow our food or get through the harvest.  I did.

But I got through it, and my child was well taken care of and happy.  After that I got through a second baby, and a third, and so on.  As I write this, I’m expecting another child.  Anymore, I’m not really worried about much.

I know how I’m going to get through each stage, and I know how to get through the unique challenges of raising my child on a homestead.

I have a plan for this year’s garden that we hope provides all our produce.

I have a plan for this year’s farming chores.

I have a plan for the harvest.

I know how we’ll get through the diapers, the laundry, and the potty-training when the time comes.

I’ve already got the sleep-training plan all worked out so baby will be sleeping through the night in the first 2-3 months (which has worked will all of my children so far).

I know I have everything I need, and how to make everything I will need.  Most of it is already done.

And my pantry?  It’s ready.

I’m ready not only to survive this next newborn, but to take the time I need to enjoy my baby, and thrive during this time.

If you live on a homestead and you’re wondering if it’s the place to raise babies and young children, let me assure you it is.  Or maybe you haven’t moved to your homestead yet because the thought scares you–I can’t encourage you enough–you can do this.

With a realistic vision of what is and isn’t needed, and how you can still get it all done because you know how to prioritize and what needs to be temporarily sacrificed, you can go in confident.

Raising Young Children On The Homestead is aimed at helping you get through the early years (starting with pregnancy and going through the toddler years) strictly from the point of view of the homesteading, self-sufficient living mother.  I’m not aware of any other book that does this.


Right now, you can win the first copy ever released.


Take a moment to enter for your chance to win below.

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I wish you the best of luck, and ask for a favor.  Would you take a moment to share this?  I would love for this to bless other young women encountering or about to encounter this journey.  Thank you.

*The winner of this prize has been notified.  Didn’t win?  Order your copy of Raising Young Children On The Homestead here.*

Win this resource before it's even available to the public! Every off-grid and homestead new or soon-to-be new mom needs this!

Fine print:  Winner will be drawn at random via the Rafflecopter (which I have no control of).  Winner must be 18 and be able to download a digital copy when it is sent to them.  Once drawn, the winner will be notified via the email address entered and have 72 hours to claim their prize and provide their valid email address.  If winner does not respond within 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen.  I am not responsible for winner’s inaccessibility to download their copy.  Make sure you have the ability to download a copy if you accept the prize.  The winner’s first name and last initial will be published on this site and on Grace Garden And Homestead’s social media.  Your privacy is important to me and no personal information (including your email) will be shared with anyone.  Prize is one copy of Raising Young Children On The Homestead:  A Young Mother’s Guide To The Early Years, a $19.95 value.



  1. Great giveaway. I still wonder how to go through daily life with wee ones and I don’t even have a large garden, or herd animals…

  2. We’re not in a position to move to a homestead yet, but we’re still getting what experience we can, where we currently live: gardening, chickens, etc. We have toddlers and I’d love more ideas about how to involve them in everything. Thanks!

  3. I’m just starting to get passionate about gardening. I don’t know much and I need all the help I can get!

  4. I know it’s hard work and I look up to those who can accomplish it now days. Is there hope for older generations to start on a smaller scale?

  5. As we continue to have kiddos this will be very helpful as we are very rural without any family nearby!

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