How To Make Candied Grapefruit Peels

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Thanks to the citrus that goes on sale this time of year, we were able to preserve a lot of curd, marmalades, juices and fruits recently.  One thing I always try to do is reduce the waste if I can.

When it comes to the peels, this means I preserve a lot of the zest for future use, and that we make some candied grapefruit peels with a bit of it as well.  These aren’t the kind of candy you’d want to eat every day, but once a year they are a wonderful treat.

To make candied grapefruit peels, you will need:

  • Peels from 3 pink grapefruits
  • Sugar
  • Water

Before ever starting your candies or preserving your grapefruit, make sure you thoroughly clean each grapefruit.  I usually have to give them several soakings before I start.

When making curd, I like to quarter my grapefruits and then remove the peels.  I also try to cut just the peels in quartered sections when removing them from grapefruits that I will can in sections.  I just find this to be the easiest way to cut them into even sized strips.

Try your hardest to get rid of as much of the white pith as you can.

Cut the very tops and very bottoms of the peels off and discard those.  Then cut your peel sections into long strips.  I cut mine about 1/4- 1/2″ wide.

Next, boil your peels for about 20 minutes.  Drain your peels and repeat.

If your peels are translucent, move on.  If not, do this one more time (for a total of 3 times).  Make sure you’re getting clean water each time.

Once you’ve boiled your peels 2-3 times and they are translucent, boil them one more time in 1 1/2 Cups water and 1 1/2 Cups white sugar until most of the sugar water evaporates out.

Carefully line them up on a wire rack, and let them dry overnight.

In the morning, put them in a gallon ziplock bag with some sugar to coat them.  I put in 1 cup of sugar, and there is sugar left over.  Feel free to use a bit less if you’d like.

You may need to separate them through the bag with your fingers so they can completely coat.  I let them sit on the counter in the bag for a day, turning them over multiple times throughout the day as I walk by.

When you’re pleased with your coating job, take your candied grapefruit peels out and let them dry on a wire rack.

Make candied grapefruit peels when you're done with the grapefruit--don't waste anything!

They’ve never lasted long at our house, so I don’t know how long they would store.  If I did have leftovers, I would keep them in a plastic zip-lock container.


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