13 Ways To Use Frozen Cantaloupe (Plus Recipes)

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A couple years ago, I showed you how I freeze cantaloupe for long-term storage. While much of it was thawed in bowls and eaten with breakfast or lunch, we did enjoy it some other ways.

If you’re wondering what you too can do with cantaloupe after you’ve frozen it, then you’re in the right place.  Here are 13 ideas to try with your frozen cantaloupe to get you started.  (If you’re unsure how to go about preparing them, I’ve also included links to help you out.)

How to freeze cantaloupe and what to do with it.

Cantaloupe Bites

The easiest and most common way to eat your cantaloupe is simply just to eat it like it is.

Thaw your cantaloupe either in the bag you froze it in, or in serving-sized bowls in your refrigerator overnight (or at least for several hours).  When eaten within 24 hours of thawing, cantaloupe is quite an enjoyable treat all by itself.  Waiting longer than 24 hours may mean that your cantaloupe will get mushy.

Iced Tea

Pull cantaloupe right from your freezer use it like an ice-cube in your iced tea.

Cantaloupe Jam

What do you do with a bumper crop of cantaloupe? Make vanilla cantaloupe jam of course!

I make vanilla cantaloupe jam from cantaloupe either fresh, or thawed.  Both ways work.

Cantaloupe Ice Cream

Yes, you heard that right–cantaloupe ice cream.  Make your own right at home.


Try tossing some of your frozen cantaloupe in your next smoothie recipe. Berries and/or peaches in your smoothie make for a great combination.  Want to be daring?  Add cantaloupe to your green smoothies.

Fruit Salad

Anything resembling a melon bowl will work.  Cute little balls of cantaloupe are great served with squares of watermelon and pyramids of honeydew.  Thaw for several hours in a bowl, and add to your salad just before serving.

Green Salad

Make yourself a plain green salad and add small chunks of cantaloupe and avocado if you’ve got it.  Again, you’ll want to thaw your pieces for several hours in a separate bowl.  You may want these cut up small enough to fit one or two on a fork.  Add to your salad just before serving.


Thaw separately from the yogurt, and stir in just before serving.  Sprinkle a little bit of mint on it and stir well.  Want a real treat?  Try it with homemade yogurt.


Using cantaloupe to make this tasty dessert--cantaloupe sorbet. This is one of the easiest treats I've made in a long time!

I find that a good cantaloupe sorbet has more flavor than regular ice cream, and is easier to make if you don’t have your own dairy source.  Try this super simple recipe to feed a crowd.

Fruit Leather

Since cantaloupe has such a high water content, I wouldn’t suggest making it alone.  Try adding in another fruit.

Blend your thawed cantaloupe with another fruit, and pour in your dehydrator on sheets.  Turn on to your fruit setting, and dry until it is firm but tacky.  Enjoy.

Some combinations to try:

  • Cantaloupe peach & mint (fresh if you have it)
  • Cantaloupe strawberry
  • A medley of melons, or just add watermelon
  • Cantaloupe mango

Chilled Soup

I found this recipe for chilled soup, but as we don’t have the ability to grow limes here, I thought maybe about trying a cantaloupe-peach mix instead (it’s my favorite cantaloupe combination).


A good cantaloupe pie recipe will come in handy–especially if you waited until your cantaloupe was super ripe before freezing it and then it thaws mushy.


I am convinced you should be able to turn any fruit or vegetable into bread. Cantaloupe is no exception.  Check out this cantaloupe bread recipe and tell me what you think.

Now that you have successfully frozen a batch of cantaloupe, how will you use it? Here are 13 ideas to get you started.

What else would you make with frozen cantaloupe?


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