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We’re getting low on our frozen cantaloupe stash that I’ve been using to make cantaloupe sorbet, but…there are raspberries now.  So I thought we’d try raspberry sorbet too.  (You’ll also notice that I’m doubling the size of my batch now that I know we like it.)  I think frozen raspberries would work just fine for this as well.

I don’t have an ice cream maker, so I turned once again to my treasured Vitamix instead. With a little mixing power, I was able to whip up a batch pretty quick.

For this batch I used:

Start by dissolving the sugar in the water.  I used a little heat to get it dissolved.  I don’t think boiling is necessary, but it would be faster (be careful not to let your water evaporate).

After your sugar has dissolved, let it cool enough to place where you can chill it.  I left mine in some ice, and it quickly chilled in about half an hour.

Take 2 pounds of raspberries out and place most–but not all–of them in your Vitamix.

Add the lime juice, and then gently pour your sugar-water over it.

Mix until creamy and the consistency of melted ice cream.  At the very end, take the top of the lid off and pour the rest of the raspberries in.  Don’t let them get completely creamy.  I only let it go for 5-10 seconds.  If you don’t want pieces of raspberry in your sorbet, then just put all the raspberries in at the beginning.

Once mixed, pour into your ice cream container (I used the Glad deep dish), and smooth out the top.  Place in your freezer with the lid loosely over the top until it sets up to desired consistency–about 4 hours.  Now place the lid tightly over the top to prevent any freezer burn.

Using raspberries fresh from the garden to make this tasty dessert--raspberry sorbet. Perfect on hot days!

I even had enough raspberries left over to make a raspberry breakfast cake in the morning.  Oh, how I love the berries that come with summer!