Getting Started Pressure Canning & Water Bath Canning

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You’ve been hearing about it all year.  You’ve even seen pictures of the beautifully filled jars in the pantries of others.  If you have homestead-y friends, then perhaps you’ve been the blessed recipient of such lovely glass jars filled with homemade foods at some point.

But when you think of actually canning foods yourself, doubt, fear, or hesitation creep in.  Your intentions are good:

  • You will learn this year.
  • You will make your own healthy foods to feed your family through the winter.
  • Your shelves will be beautifully adorned with various colors of filled mason jars this year.

Then the season comes…and goes.  What happened?  Will you ever learn?

Yes, you will.

You just need a friend to walk and talk you through it—even share some notes and favorite recipes.  But how will you know you’re doing it correctly?  And safely?

It won’t be too hard, I promise.

You’ll be so nervous and excited that you’ll pay careful attention to every detail your ear hears, every movement your eye catches, and every word written in your handouts.

You can do this Friend.

But what if you can’t?  Then you’ll listen to and watch your friend do it over and over and over again—until you’re confident—at any time of the day or night—as many times and as often as it takes.

What if your friend isn’t available to help you whenever you need it?  She is, I promise.


For a while now, some of you have been asking if I would do a basic tutorial or a video, or a class to help you get started.  As much as I’ve wanted to, time and opportunity just haven’t been on my side.  But I’ve found someone who was able to find the time and make an opportunity—the Friend we need to walk us through until we are educated and confident.

Regular readers will remember I introduced this friend in this post.  Melissa walked us through learning the basics of growing, harvesting, preserving, and then cooking your home-grown harvest in The Made From Scratch Life. Recently, she’s launched a new on-line video course, Home Canning with Confidence: Never Worry About What’s In Your Food Again.

I recently had the opportunity to review this course in it’s entirety, and I can say that it delivers just about any information a beginning canner would need or want to know.  Obviously, it can’t guarantee that you’ll never do anything wrong, but Melissa does everything she can to make sure she shares what she knows to cut your learning curve way down.

When you sign up for Home Canning with Confidence, you’ll get access to weekly video lessons where she takes you through each jar of food, step-by-step. Begin with your raw food, and end with your beautifully and carefully canned masterpieces.

Because not everyone learns the same way, you’ll get unlimited access to videos you can watch at any time, hand-outs that are accessible and printable day and night, and even a special invitation to the private Facebook group where everyone else is there asking numerous questions and learning right beside you. You’re in good company.

You’ll receive information about safe water bath canning, safe pressure canning, and tools and equipment before moving on to modules specifically dedicated to walking you through the basics of canning–like canning green beans, jams and jellies, broth, pickling, and much more.

Right now, Home Canning with Confidence is offered at $147 (normal value $194), with payment plan options.


RIGHT NOW use code “FARMERSWIFE” to get an additional $50 off.  This code is good until May 31, 2017.  There has never been a better time to take this class.


Is it worth it?

Let me tell you a story…

Even though my mother and grandmother have always canned and I grew up around it, I was still intimidated.  I talked to so many friends before actually doing it by myself one day.

As much as I’d been around it, helped out, and talked to those around me who’d done it for years, my first time I was scared.  I read every study I could get my hands on.  I read the manual that came with my pressure canner at least a dozen times.  That tiny little recipe in my Ball Blue Book?  I wrote it out, laminated it, and taped it to the cabinet–at eye level–as close to where my canner was on the burner as possible.

The worst part?  When I was finally ready for my first run, none of my friends were available to be there.  Not that day, not the next, or even the next.  My beans weren’t going to get any fresher.  It was now or never.  Oh yeah, I also don’t have a phone.

I was really on my own.

Are you scared or intimidated to start?  I know right where you are.  And you should be scared–it shows that you understand the importance of doing this correctly for your own safety and that of your family.

If there is one thing I could have changed about that moment (or the next, or the next), it would be that I would have wanted an experienced friend right there with me.  Melissa wasn’t around for me back then, but she’s there for you now.

If you ask me if the price is worth it, I would tell you that to me it would have been worth it.  I could have opened my laptop, printed out her handouts, pushed “play,” “pause,” or “rewind” at any time I needed.

It is worth it to know what is in the food you feed your family without paying outrageous prices for it at the store.

It is worth it to eat local, and support your favorite farmers (other than us, of course 😉 ), by purchasing locally with the confidence that you could use your entire bulk purchase safely and timely.

It is worth it to learn independence.

It is worth it to have food on your shelves at a time unknown when food may not be available.

Yes, I believe it is worth it.

If you’ve wanted to learn how to water bath can and/or pressure can, then now is the time to head over and join the class.

What's safe? What's not? What's just myth? Learn all of this plus walk through videos teaching you how to can various produce from start to finish.

Have you been canning for awhile, but know someone else who needs to get started?  Share this with them, or even consider giving this eCourse as a gift.

There comes a time in so many lives when self-sufficiency becomes a way of life–for a short time, or an extended time.  Learn to properly and safely can your own food, and you will be one step ahead of the game.

You can do this.

Sign up here to get started on your journey to safely and confidently start canning healthy food for your family now.


*Use code “FARMERSWIFE” to get an additional $50 off until May 31, 2017.



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