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A Root Cellar Is More Than Just Vegetable Storage

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Most people don’t use root cellars anymore.  Even in my area where people live a simpler life and grow large gardens full of food, root cellars aren’t as utilized as one might think.

On a national scale, however, root cellars are coming back en vogue.

With the growing popularity of modern homesteading, people desire more and more to grow their own food.  Unfortunately, many are unable to grow year-round, and must find a way to preserve their homegrown goodness if they want to enjoy it during colder months.

People often begin by freezing more of their own foods.  When freezer space becomes an issue, they start dehydrating produce.

Getting more serious, they learn to water bath fruits and tomatoes, and then move on to pressure canning.

There is, however, a much quicker and easier way to preserve many foods.

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Building A Root Cellar: A Homesteader’s Bank Account

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A couple years ago we knew we would have to build a new root cellar.  Not only was the current one letting the mice in, but we actually worried it would soon collapse in on itself.

We began drafting plans for the new root cellar, making a supply list, and pricing those items.  We knew we’d save on costs by building it ourselves, and we really liked that idea anyway–we’d get exactly what we wanted.

I’m not going to lie to you–it’s not as easy as you might think.  You’ve got to consider the water level, the frost line, drainage, and air flow, among other things.  It’s not quite as simple as it may first appear.

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